Bacon Brittle (141g)


CALLING ALL BACON LOVERS!!! ...You just stumbled upon the PERFECT marriage of Hickory Smoked chunks of Hormel Bacon and the most delicious Gourmet Peanut Brittle on Earth - Brittle Brothers'!!! Think smoky, savory and sweet all rolled into one big delicious, mouth-watering treat! Bacon Peanut Brittle is simply amazing! Why someone hadn't come up with this tantalizing combo before is unknown, but it doesn't really matter, because it's here now! Just one bite and you will have found your new "go-to" Snack!



Erdnüsse , Zucker , Maissirup , Speck (Gehärtet mit Wasser , Salz , Zucker , Natrium Erythorbat , Natriumnitrat , kann auch enthaltenDextrose , Honig , Kaliumchlorid , Raucharoma , Natriumdiiacetate , Natriumphosphat), Rauchschinken aromatisiertes Pulver , (Maltodextrin , Autolyzed Hefeextrakt , Raucharoma), Butter Salz , Vanille , Backpulver



Enthält Milch und Milchderivate, Baumnüsse und deren Derivate.